Updating Reactive Blocks

Checking for Updates

You can check for updates in two ways:

  • Use Help / Check for Updates

    This option checks for updates of all installed Eclipse features, and contacts all available update sites. This action is easy to invoke, but for some users this action takes a long time to complete.

    1. In the main menu, select Help / Check for Updates.
    2. The update manager checks the update sites for new features. This may take some minutes.
    3. If an update is available, a dialog opens asking whether you want to update.
  • Use Help / Install New Software

    This is the same action as used to install new features, but can also be used for updating. Use this action if the first option takes a long time or does not complete.

    1. In the main menu, select Help / Install New Software.
    2. Select Bitreactive update site.

In both cases, you will see Reactive Blocks listed in case there are updates:

  • Select the features you want to update.
  • Select Next > and follow the instructions.
  • Restart your Eclipse.

Enabling Automatic Updates

Eclipse has an option to check automatically for updates in the background, which you can enable in the preferences:

Checking the Current Version

Open the preferences and look which is the current version.