Sharing Building Blocks

You can share libraries and projects that contain building blocks with others. If you are using the free plan, you need to share building blocks before you can build an application.

Starting the Sharing Wizard

To share a library or project, find it in the Blocks View and select Share… from its context menu.

When you share a library or project for the first time, you can adjust if you want to share as a project or library, explained below.

Sharing Wizard, Page 1

  • Select Library if what you share is a set of building blocks that are ready for being reused, and which do not need to be changed. The library will reside as a self-contained archive on the user’s computer.
  • Select Project to share applications that should be built by a user. Projects will be expanded into a user’s workspace, and they can change the building blocks.

In both cases, provide a good title and a purpose. The purpose should be a short sentence that helps users to decide if the library or project is what they are looking for.

Sharing Wizard, Page 2

The wizard checks all building blocks in the library or project. If there are errors or warnings, consider to fix them first. Especially libraries should be free of any errors.

Version Number

Decide which version number you want to assign. Version numbers are composed by three numbers, major.minor.micro. By default, the wizard proposes a new minor release. You can adjust the version freely, as long as it denotes a higher version than the one already published.


Select the owner. This is the team that can upload new version of the library or project. By default, it is your personal team, which means that only you can publish new versions. If you work on a library together with others, you should find a proper team for it, and possibly create a new team.


Publish the library or project under the Eclipse Public License. This is an open-source license, used by the projects within the Eclipse project and many others. Make sure that the contents of the project or library you are sharing can indeed be shared under the EPL. Free users need to share under the EPL.

Sharing with other Teams

You can select other teams that can use your project or library. Simply select them in the table.