Reactive Blocks is an Eclipse based application which requires installing a JDK (Java Developer Kit). To download or share building blocks and build applications, you will also need to register.

Step 1: Install Java

Install the Java SE Development Kit from Oracle. (32bit on Windows: 32bit, Mac OSX and Linux: 64bit)

Step 2: Install Reactive Blocks

  • Contact us to receive a copy of Reactive Blocks.
  • Extract Reactive Blocks from the archive in a location of your choice. (The archive already contains one subfolder ‘reactiveblocks-VERSION’.)
  • On Linux (Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Mint) it is necessary to install one library: sudo apt install libwebkitgtk-1.0
  • Run Reactive Blocks by executing the extracted program: reactiveblocks.exe (on Windows), reactiveblocks (on Linux), or reactiveblocks-*.app (on Mac)
  • Choose a location for your Reactive Blocks workspace, the default will be ‘reactiveblocks-workspace’ in your user-directory.

That’s it. Welcome to the Reactive Blocks world!

Further Steps