Installation via Update Site

To install Reactive Blocks follow these steps:

  • In Eclipse, open the software manager via Help → Install New Software…

  • Add the update site (1) and click Add… (2)

Install via the update site

  • Choose a name for the repository, e.g. Bitreactive Updates, and click OK

  • Choose features to be installed and simply follow subsequent steps by clicking Next

    By default, only the required Reactive Blocks base feature is selected. It allows you to build code on Java SE. In case you already know that you want to develop for OSGi or Eclipse Kura, select these features as well. If you are not sure, just install the required base feature.

Choose Features

During the installation process, you might experience that the progress bar does not seem to advance for quite sometime. It is because installing Reactive Blocks would also install its dependencies. Therefore, several update sites are also contacted and dependencies need to be calculated. This may take time.

Problems? check some tips below.

When installing on Linux

On Linux please install one additional library sudo apt install libwebkitgtk-1.0 and add


to your eclipse.ini before the --launcher.appendVmargs line.

Problems during the Installation?

To start, check some of the usual suspects: (Don’t laugh - these things happen!)

  • Are you connected to the Internet?
  • Do you have enough disk space? (Eclipse needs to store downloads temporarily.)

Reactive Blocks is about 10 MB in size. Which other dependencies Eclipse needs to download depends on your installation. Usually Reactive Blocks and all necessary dependencies are downloaded rather quickly. We have seen in some cases, however, that the download may take some time.

Dependencies cannot be resolved

Eclipse plugins depend on other plugins. Therefore, when you install or update, also other update sites hosting the dependencies are contacted.

  • Check which version of Eclipse you are using

    For Windows: Choose Help → About
    For MacOS X: Choose Eclipse → About Eclipse

    Reactive Blocks supports Eclipse Neon (4.6), Mars (4.5), Luna (4.4) and Kepler (4.3).

About Eclipse

  • Ensure that you have enabled update site.

  • Ensure that you have selected Contact all update sites during install to find required software (see the second figure above), so that the update manager wizard also checks other sites for required plugins.

Eclipse tries to access the software site again. If the update site is not accessible, you have at least found one reason why the installation failed. If you have checked all of the points above:

  • Try again later, in case the update site is temporarily offline.
  • Check our Twitter Stream for any server problems.
  • Contact us via
  • Try to re-install Java, and remember to use a full JDK, not JRE.
  • If you installed the 64-bit version of Eclipse, try the 32-bit version instead.
  • If Eclipse is installed under C:\Program Files on Windows platform, install Eclipse in the user’s home directory.