Working with Imported Projects and Libraries

Often it is easier to not start from scratch but alter or extend what you have imported.

Locked Projects

Example/tutorial projects are typically locked.

A locked project means:

  • Changes in the behavior and/or Java code of the blocks within the project are permitted.
  • It is not allowed to add a new building block.

Read-only Libraries

Typically, libraries are imported as a zip file. So, the blocks in the libraries are read-only. This means you cannot modify them. If you need some modification on a block, you need to make your own copy of the block.

Create Your Own Copy of Blocks

  • Work in your own project. You need to create a new project as explained here. Choose Application Project, Java SE as the project setup.

  • Duplicate the block you are going to use into your project. Right-click the block, for example Selfie Basic, and choose Duplicate

  • You may change the block name. Don’t forget to select the newly created project as the target project.

Now you own a copy of the block you have imported and are free to alter and extend it.